Bijans Winebarrel Studio
Bijans Winebarrel Studio
Bijans Winebarrel Studio
B I J A N S   W I N E B A R R E L    S T U D I O
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         Wine barrel "Door"

        380 € excl. VAT
            Deliefery: Please ask us

Original French wine barrel 225l from the Bordeaux region.

We fix all metal rings on the wine barrels with approx. 150 - 200 small nails. This is the only way to ensure the longevity of the barrel in the event of temperature changes and the rings do not loosen.
This expenditure of time makes the wine barrels look very noble and makes them an extraordinary piece of furniture.

The barrel includes:

- Wine glass holder
- Flat shelf
- Wine rack
- Optional: battery operated lights with remote control + 25 €

Measurements: Height 95 cm, Ø top/ bottom 50 cm, Ø center 75 cm
Various inner space options available.
Color options: Brown, natural, oak, flamed

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