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Bijans Winebarrel Studio
Bijans Winebarrel Studio
Bijans Winebarrel Studio
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The Riddling rack (pupitres) was originally designed to improve the process of removing the sediment, caused by secondary fermentation, from the bottle. The cellar man would turn each bottle, every day, until the sediment settled on the cork, allowing it to be removed. This process, known as "remuage" took up to 3 months, with a cellar man turning up to 30,000 bottles a day!!
It holds 120 bottles - 60 bottles on each side.
At the end of the 20th Century this simple and effective design, was replaced in many champagne cellars by new technology, metal mechanical bins that can complete the whole process in about a week.
Nowadays it is a very popular Design to hold wine bottles.
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